The Lava Rocks were born from a weekly neighborhood jam at the house of guitarist Ezra Sherman. When Sherman, Kassabian, Claxton and Hantula realized they had a big overlap in their musical tastes and a good combination of instrumental skills, the Lava Rocks were formed.
The Lava Rocks are: 
Deke Kassabian - Keyboards & vocals, Ezra Sherman - Guitars & vocals, Nick Claxton - Guitars & vocals, 
Don Hantula - Mandolin, lap steel guitar, & bass, Jeff Meade - Drums.

Deke Kassabian

Keyboards and Vocals

Deke Kassabian has been playing keyboards in rock and roll bands on and off since 1975. He studied classical piano during his school years but always preferred to play rock and roll, R&B, and other music with a groove. Deke also sang in an a cappella doo-wop group for a few years during the 1980s.


Nick Claxton

Guitars and Vocals

Nick Claxton has been playing the guitar since age 11, but the Lava Rocks is his first band. He has played with other musicians over the years, and has recently been doing open mic nights, playing solo. Growing up in London, his musical tastes include all the usual suspects from the 1960s, 70s and 80s - with a few from the 90s thrown in. Musical interests also include baroque music, especially JSB, and he played briefly in a renaissance recorder group.


Jeff Meade


Jeff Meade started playing rock drums in the ‘60s. One of his first gigs was a Jethro Tull cover band. After a long layoff to pursue a career in journalism, he returned to percussion 20 years ago, playing snare drum in competition bagpipe bands. He also plays bodhran in traditional Irish music sessions. He’s a relatively recent returnee to rock and enjoys performing music from the ‘60s through whenever.

Ezra Sherman

Guitars and Vocals

Ezra Sherman is a mostly self-taught musician who plays guitar okay and can sing quite loudly (if not always well). He has performed at open mic nights and jam sessions throughout the Philadelphia area but has missed being part of a real band until now.


Don Hantula

Mandolin, lap steel guitar, and bass

Don Hantula is a self-taught player of things with strings. He has  been in original and cover Southern, punk, alternative, and folk bands, played in a theater pit orchestra and backed up poets on open mic nights. As his  interests and attention span may be  charitably described as eclectic, he makes the  highest and lowest noises in the  band.